The Ultimate Guide to GCB’s Mobile Banking Service

ghana commercial bank mobile banking
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  1. Plis, I want to know whether my affiliation with UTbank as a shareholder of the defunct bank still stands, after the takeover by GCB,and if am still a shareholder where do I claim my dividend or possibly my share,
    1. I'm not sure you're going to lose your shares; but you may have to contact GCB directly.
  2. Hi How do i reset my password wit the mobile banking
  3. I have tried severally to send money to my bank account from my MoMo account but it's not going. Is there a maximum amount I need to send before it goes. Please help me out cos I don't get time to go the bank thus that's my only option to save.
    1. We will update the article to that effect. Thank you for the alert. For the time been, this is how you go about it: 1. Type *170# on your phone (if MTN) 2. Choose Option 7 (Wallet) 3 Choose Option 3 (My Approvals) 4. Choose the Transaction you want to approve.
  4. Please does GCB charges for transactions from GCB account to mobile money Account?
  5. I have gone through the processes to transfer money from bank to mtn wallet but am told that my pin is invalid. The pin I entered is my mobile money wallet pin.Please any clarification?
  6. hello how do i reset my pin for the mobile banking
  7. Please I did a transaction from my mobile wallet to my bank account, I received massage from the bank that my account has been credited but when I went to withdrew the money there was no money in my account
  8. Pls i use my Vodafone number when i was opening the account but it's not registered for voda cash ,pls can i use my mtn to do the mobile money transaction
  9. I accidentally transferred money from my account to a mobile number that has been blocked. How do I retrieve my money which I sent to phone number that has been blocked of mobile money service?
  10. Am sending money from my wallet to my bank account during the process the said enter wallent# don't understand,what is the meaning of enter wallet#?
  11. When ever I try transferring money to my mobile money from my bank account I get a message saying invalid syntax message
  12. I tried withdrawing money from my account but always receive this message (can't withdraw due to internal system error) please help
  13. I was new on the mobile money transfer from my GCB account of my wallet and wrongly entered pin three times. I tried the fourth time and the feedback was "PIN tried exceeded" what should I do now please?
  14. Hi, I also have an issue of trying wrong pin three times and I was blocked. I have tried three of your branches. I did not have this problem until I tried connecting to my new savings account from message sent me.Previously my current account was working perfectly for over a year, so u can imagine going to join a que in the banking hall.pity me I am used to it. Help me.
  15. Please In case you were transferring money from your bank account to your mobile wallet with wrong number how can you get your money back
  16. What are the charges in transferring money from bank to wallet?
  17. My children tried Transferring money from my GCB account and blocked the account the account can I get it back ..I mean my PIN was because of a wrong PIN input
  18. Am sending money from my bank account to my voda cash account but the money did not appear in voda cash account but GCB will send me a message that my bank account has been debited but the money is not in the voda cash account. And the money has not been refund, pls why?
  19. please what is the naximum mobile banking withdrawal per day
  20. Please I tried to send money from my GCB account to my MoMo wallet but anytime I try they give me feedback like ....PIN tries Exceeded ,please what should I do?
  21. I have tried transferring money from my wallet to my account but it is not working. I have being to the bank and nothing has being done
  22. I have stopped using the number I used to register.I went to change the number at the bank.each time i tried ,the said my number is not registered
  23. Please I was transferring money frm bank to wallet but unfortunately I top up as airtime.can i get any help.
  24. Please how do I know my full account number?
  25. Please I mistakenly transfer money from my GBC account as top up instead of mobile money .please I need help
  26. Please how much do you charge on MoMo from bank to wallet
  27. Please how do I check my Bank account details on my phone
  28. Please I registered mobile banking and I have lost the number I used in registering and I have forgotten my pin I have been to bank for so many times to reset my pin but still I have done the necessary follow up I'm tired please help me
  29. i mistakenly sent an airtime instead of cash to a receiver. i have made a wrong transaction. i want it to be reversed.
  30. What is the highest amount one can transfer from a GCB Account to another GCB account using mobile banking service

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