The Best School Management Software in Ghana

If you are searching for the best school management software in Ghana for your school, then you need not look any further. At this period of school closures, imagine having all your students, teachers, and even parents log on to one platform.

Imagine running normal school activities normally like there is no pandemic. School owners can take school fees at any time and at anywhere, right online.

This and so much more are available when you use the school management software by Ghana Tech School. Let us dive right into the features of this software.

Features of this School Management Software

This software can actually do everything you can think of that schools do. The features and benefits are endless. Check them out:

For Students

Accounts can be created for all students. Students can log in and access their class, subjects, exams, and attendance information.

Students can also have access to ID cards and certificates which can be printed for them. They can also be assigned houses and sections, and many more.

For Teachers

Teachers can do just anything they are required to do with this school management software. Some of these are marking registers or attendance, adding exams, and exam questions which can be done online and setting the class timetables.

They can also upload offline student exam marks. Teachers can be grouped into Departments, and assigned designations, and many more.

For Parents

It is the delight of parents to know what is happening with their children in school, and how they are performing academically. This software seems to boast greatly of this feature, and solves these parents concern in awesome ways.

Features available to parents are access to child’s performance, attendance, homework, fees, school’s notice board and more

Fees and Finance

It has never been easy managing schools’ finances without software. This school management software collects fees, generates reports, has a payroll system for paying staff, and can generate payslips.

It also enables the accountant to manage expenses and incomes. Online payment gateways for Mobile Money payments and Cards are also available.


It is usually not the best when people visit your school to make inquiries, complaints, or even visiting of students without a log or record of such activities.

With the software, the receptionist can record all that and it will be available to the school authorities in real-time. This also includes phone call log, the purpose of visit, and more.


You can enable online application on the school’s website which is available to the general public and the data populates into the software. Students can also be promoted to the next class after the full year.

They can also be put in a category, apart from classes such as disabled students, etc. When students complete school, they can be promoted to alumnus status.


Academics is the real deal of education. Teachers can upload online exams. They can also generate report cards for students, and configure the grading system for them. Teachers can be assigned for each class or as subject teachers.

Reports Section

Reports can be generated on almost any thing in the software. Some of these are reports on students, financial data, attendance, examinations, human resource, library, inventory, transport, hostels, and more. User log and activities log can also be accessed.

Other Features of The Software

There are in fact a lot that this software can help you with. Listing all the features here may lead to truncating this article into two. I recommend contacting the software owners at so that they can come over and show you a demo of it.

Before then, some other features are Chats, Import and Exports (PDF, Excel), Print, SMS and Email Alerts, Library, Inventory, Transport, and Hostels, and many more.

How to Get The School Management Software for Your School

It is best to see and experience how this software works before you commit to purchasing it. Luckily enough, GTS comes to your school to do a presentation and a live demo for free.

Just contact them and they will be on their way. Another good thing is that, the software comes with a one time payment only. You don’t subscribe to pay every month.

The only thing you subscribe to is web hosting. Of course, you have to pay for that one every month. But if you choose to host it yourself, that is fine, it can be installed on your own server for you. Visit Click on the button below to contact Ghana Tech School now.