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List of Radio Stations in Accra and their Frequencies

Saviour Sanders

There are a lot of radio stations in Accra. Among this list, you would also find the frequencies and the websites to contact them.

Some of them have links to listen live online.

With Accra being the capital city of Ghana, you should expect more than necessary of radio stations.

List of Radio Stations in Accra

Below is the list of radio stations in Accra and their frequencies. Please note that this list is not in any particular order.

Some radio stations like Adom 106.3 FM (Tema), Obonu 96.5 FM (Tema) and Pink 96.9 FM (Kasoa) are not located in Accra but their signals can be obtained in the city.

Therefore when discussing radio stations in Accra, they are most likely to be included.

How to Listen to Live Online Radio Stations in Accra, and All Parts of The World

There are some programs that we do not want to miss on radio. If you do not have radio on your smartphone, probably you use an iPhone, or whatever reason you cannot get access to your favorite programs wherever you find yourself, you can listen to live radio online.

To do that, just log on to, and select your channel. You can also log on to Click “By Location” in the menu and choose the location of your radio station.

How to Contact These Radio Stations

To contact the above list of radio stations, you can click on those that are linked and get straight to their websites.

Most of them would have a contact page where you can send them a message directly or call them.

Apart from radio stations in Accra, we have also made some awesome lists you may want to check out. Among these are the best hotels in Accra, and the list of car renting companies in Ghana (Accra, and Kumasi).


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