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GhanaWeb: News, Radio, Dating, Jobs, and Statistics

Saviour Sanders

Welcome to another blessed day where we get online in Ghana to find out solutions for ourselves. Today, I am taking you through the whole nitty-gritty of the Ghanaweb Website, the News, Live Online Radio, Online Dating, and Jobs. Aside from that, I am doing a full review of the website on everything you need to know.

GhanaWeb Statistics (Visits and Views)

GhanaWeb is one of the most visited news websites in Ghana. It gets over 2.8 million unique monthly visitors. On a daily basis, it gets over 270,000 unique visitors.

Unique visitors are different from views. When someone visits a website for the first time in a day, it is recorded as one visit. If he clicks a page or on a link on the same site, it is recorded as two views but the same one visit. When he clicks on five links on the same website, it is recorded as five total views but same one visit.

For GhanaWeb, the above figures are the number of visits. The total number of views on a daily basis is 2.8 million, and total monthly views of 84 million. This is actually a large number. Now let us look at the business part of this: GhanaWeb can actually convert this large number of viewers into buying customers.

Website Statistics and Conversion

You may not be able to calculate the number of viewers on a television station, but you can do for a website like GhanaWeb. In the same way, you may not be able to figure out what interests viewers of a TV program; but you can easily know for a website. This shows how powerful and easy online business is.

In this article, I am not going to show you how to convert these GhanaWeb visitors to loyal customers. You may be wondering how to get this large number of visitors if you own a website like that. It is quite easy to get but takes quite some time to accomplish. I have devised some strategies to personally go about it. We have already started to pilot it and in about a year time, I should be able to see the results.

I wouldn’t want to let the cat out of the bag now. If you wish to know, you will need an account on this website. When this system has worked fully which I believe will do, I will disclose it to the members of this website. Don’t worry about it being blackhat. It is 100% safe and white hat for getting any number of visitors to a website and converting them to buyers.

GhanaWeb Services

GhanaWeb Radio: Live Online Radio

Radio is a source of information for most Ghanaians. carrying your radio along to work or wherever you are going to is quite boring. Though there are phones today that have radios on them, you end up missing your favorite channels because your phone is not able to reach all the channels. This is where online radio comes in. With an internet connection and a PC, you can tune in to any radio station of your choice be it locally or internationally. GhanaWeb offers an online radio platform where you can listen to radio online.

GhanaWeb News: Latest News in Ghana

Today, getting latest news doesn’t necessarily requires getting a newspaper. All you need is to subscribe to an online news platform and you are good to go. This site has provided all the news Ghanaians want from time immemorial till now.

GhanaWeb Online Dating

Shy boys, shy girls want to get their better halves online. I don’t think it’s safe, though, but who knows, a lifetime relationship may evolve from that. someone’s luck. In this current internet century, you can get your life partner from anywhere including facebook, twitter, or even GhanaWeb. Funny, right?

GhanaWeb Jobs

Apart from News, radio, music, and dating, the site has a jobs portal just like Jobberman where both unemployed graduates and nongraduates can have access to jobs from online. No wonder the site is named “Ghana Web”. I am sure their idea is to put everything on the web for Ghanaians, including food.

Website Review and Assessment

This is one of the main reasons why I have written this article – to do a review on the website. I have already talked about the statistics and the contents of the site.

It will interest you to know that Ghanaweb isn’t owned by a Ghanaian. The site is owned by the Netherlands. The domain was created on 21st September 1998, that is 18 years ago at the time of writing this article. This is a good thing because search engines give higher ranking to websites that have been in the system for long.

Physical Appearance: When it comes to the physical appearance of the website, I can’t say it’s good when in real facts, what I see is bad. I think the site should be given a redesign to befit its reputation and viewers. Not forgetting security.

Why GhanaWeb Gets a Lot of Traffic

There are two main reasons why GhanaWeb gets a lot of traffic:

  1. Domain Age,
  2. Content, and linking structure,  and
  3. Little or no competition.

Don’t argue over this, when a website has built its trust over the years, you don’t compare it’s ranking to one that started only a month ago with just 20 posts.

In a post on 30 Most Important Google Ranking Factors, this is what the writer has to say:

Domain registration length. Google considers domains registered for longer than a year as more trustworthy.

As at the time GhanaWeb started, There was little or no competition in the Ghana web industry. Because of that, it was able to secure its trust as the ultimate source of news and internet information in Ghana. Even today, the competition is still not a hard nut to crack.

Ghana Web and Internet Statistics

Internet services in Ghana have seen a gradual increase from the years gone by. GhanaWeb foresaw an increase in the web and internet market, and that is what led to starting their business. Currently, there are 7,958,675 Internet users as at June/2016, 29.6% of the population, according to Internet World Statistics. 3,500,000 of Ghanaians are Facebook subscribers as at June/2016. This indicates a 13.0% penetration rate.

Out of the nearly 8 million internet users, GhanaWeb gets about 1/8th of them on a monthly basis. 3/8th of them are on Facebook. Generally, Majority of Ghanaians that use the internet are interested in Social Media and News.

We want to make our website an information center, a learning platform, and a forum for Ghanaians who are interested in making good use of the internet. To join, please send us a message using our contact form, or leave a comment below this post. You can also join our events to learn more about the internet and what you can do with it. Thank you for reading.



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