How to Join and Make Money From Max International

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  1. I did not join because of your initial capital and Ninthly renewals
    1. If you saved that money in a bank for one year, you can't make the money that Max can get you. Give it a try, and thank me later.
    2. We have become people who always want to earn more but are afraid to invest..sitting on what you have wouldnt make you rich. Look at the filthy rich people around and you will realise they are crazy investors. Let not the start up capital be your excuse to let this opportunity pass you by. Take the step now son.
  2. Awesome post. Max International has changed my life. Its one of the best decisions Ive ever made in life. Unfortunately most people are going to miss this opportunity.. Im grateful to God that I found Max Interntaional
    1. Thank you Willie, for the comment. You are a blessing to this generation and a living testimony of Max International.
  3. Am going to leave my dream life with Max international
  4. Talk about the payout system and convincing people to join also what does one gain without a leg in max. How many legs do you need to benefit from all the incentives
  5. Do you pay dues when you join max international?
  6. Am 17 years old and i want to join Max international
  7. Hi I would like to know the venue for the training session in Accra, time and the days. thanks
    1. wednesdays & fridays 6pm, saturdays 10am and sunday 3pm & 5pm
  8. I think Max International is the only hope for most young people in this country not politicians nor sakawa.
  9. Well,I have read the stuff about max international and I want to join but I'm at koforidua eastern region...... So what should I do now to join????
  10. hi, how can join and promote this business on my website
  11. I want the products to buy, how do I get it?
  12. Incase i register but couldn't get a person to register with me will i be paid and how?
  13. Hello I'm Juliet I need a serious team that will join me
  14. Am very much touched.I want to know how am going to earn after registering and the exact amount am going to earn.
  15. Ealing important to bring all your five people's before you starting getting your money please
  16. Is not to help the feeble up but to support him after. U guys are doing a great thing, want to join bt my capital hmm. Max one wait 4 me
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