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How to Join and Make Money From Max International

Max International has come to stay in Ghana, and honestly speaking, it is the best way to make money in this 21st century. Others may choose to go with investing in bitcoins, but I choose Max.

Why? Because cryptocurrencies are unpredictable. I will explain to you further why I choose Max International as you read along.

Though the company’s objective is to empower people to experience better health, success, and significance, my focus is on the financial success part.

Let me say emphatically that majority of people who join Max and are making it big only had the aim of achieving financial freedom.

What is Max International?

In short, Max International is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company or a Network Marketing company.

It is known commonly as The Glutathione company. What is Glutathione? In short, your body naturally produces glutathione for preventing cancer, heart disease, dementia, and other chronic diseases.

As you age along, or the more you take poor diets, toxins, medications or get stressed, your glutathione levels deplete. And that is when Max comes in with its life-changing food supplements to increase lost glutathione levels.

Not only that, you also get financial freedom as you continue to become an associate of this great business.

Max International Office in Accra, and Kumasi

Max International has offices in Accra and Kumasi. The head office is located on the Garden Road in East Legon, Accra. This is a direct link to the company office on Google Maps. Below is the pictorial view of the head office:

Max international office in East Legon, Accra
Max Office, East Legon, Accra

In Kumasi, Max is currently located 400 meters from Mckweon Junction, Asokwa.

The Max International Opportunity

Looking at what a lot of people have achieved out of Max, it is very strange to say no to such an opportunity.

I believe this is an opportunity that everyone should take advantage of, especially those of you who have heard about it, or those reading about it now.

Even if you are paid 5,000 Ghana cedis a month from your job, you’ll continue to take that amount for the next ten years. With Max, you can make a significant exponential amount of money month after month.

Max International Products and Prices

max international products

Max International has nine products on offer. All nine products are health products which are related to health enhancement. It is true that health is an important thing in a human being’s life.

Therefore, it is good when someone takes a decision to improve their health and at the same time make huge sums of money on top of that.

Below is a list of Max International product prices:

  1. Cellgivity = $26.2 = GH₵110 (One week bottle)
  2. MaxATP = $89.3 = GH₵375 (30 sachets)
  3. MaxN-Fuze = $89.3 = GH₵375 (30 sachets)
  4. MaxGXL = $78.6 = GH₵330 (1 month bottle)
  5. MaxOne = $90.5 = GH₵380 (1 month bottle)
  6. Max357
  7. Meta-Switch = $83.3 = GH₵350 (1 month bottle)
  8. Be
  9. Max Skin Care (Purifying Cleanser, One Minute Wonder, Facial Serum, and Soothing Moisturizer).

Why Join Max International?

Like I said in the beginning, most people join max for financial freedom. There are people who have attained high levels in the company.

Starting a business is not very easy, especially in Ghana. With Max, you can actually start your own network marketing or associates business with a not too high startup capital. And the company is registered, so there is no need to fear.

Check out a picture of the head office in East Legon in the company introduction above. There is also an office in Kumasi, at Asokwa.

There are weekly training sessions and Business Opportunity Meetings all over the country. Contact me for venues of the training centers.

All you need now is to join, attend the training sessions, get active and then you continue to earn residual income, month after month.

Even if you are not ready to join now, but hoping to join in the future, it is important to start attending the free training sessions to understand more about the business.

How to Join Max International

You can only join Max International through someone who is already a member.

You can join Max with a package of 700 cedis, 2,490 cedis, or 4,880 cedis. If you are ready to join today, call me on 0548771088 (for serious-minded people only) and let me guide you through the registration.

Please don’t call me to explain further to you when you have already been invited by someone. The one inviting you to join Max has all you need to get you started and grow your max business.
Don’t also call me if you don’t have 700 cedis startup to get started. I deal with people who are ready only. For those looking to understand better about the Max business, watch the video above.
If you join my team, we would give you all the support and training you need to be successful.

What is the hidden truth of Max International? Just like any network marketing business, your success depends greatly on your team or the person who registers you. We have the best network that can make you successful in Max.

Making Money From Max International

There are 8 ways you could get paid when you are an associate.

There are different associate ranks as shown in the picture below. Your rank determines how much you get paid. Because it is a network, the more you help your team members to grow, the more money you make.

max international associate ranks

Do you believe someone makes more than 300,000 Ghana cedis every single month? This can only be possible with Max International. The right time is now.

Max International Compensation Plan

Below is a PDF of the Max International Compensation Plan:



Check out the video below of an associate sharing his Max story.

Final Words

  1. Not everyone can start his own business considering the costs of business registration, renewal, tax payments even if you’re not making profits
  2. The best investment is investing in money
  3. In the 21st century, investing in a bank has not much returns. The best way to invest is through network marketing.
  4. When you begin now, you continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor all the rest of your life.
  5. If you do it well in the beginning, you win forever.
  6. If you really understand the business of Max International, you don’t wait for people to beg or force you to join. You look for where and how to join.
  7. If you plan to join in the future, you have to start going for the training sessions. By the time you’re ready to join, you would have a chunk of ideas and knowledge of everything you need to start marketing.

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  1. Ndolbe Addison

    I did not join because of your initial capital and Ninthly renewals

    1. Saviour Sanders

      If you saved that money in a bank for one year, you can’t make the money that Max can get you. Give it a try, and thank me later.

  2. Williams Gyimah

    Awesome post.
    Max International has changed my life.
    Its one of the best decisions Ive ever made in life.
    Unfortunately most people are going to miss this opportunity..
    Im grateful to God that I found Max Interntaional

    1. Saviour Sanders

      Thank you Willie, for the comment.

      You are a blessing to this generation and a living testimony of Max International.

  3. Ben benedict

    In fact, max international is doing a great good

  4. Safo Beatrice

    Talk about the payout system and convincing people to join also what does one gain without a leg in max. How many legs do you need to benefit from all the incentives


    I would like to join max international my number is 0501156312

    1. Saviour Sanders

      Please call +233 54 877 1088.

      Thank you.

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