Max Ghana Business Opportunity Meeting Venues and Calendar

max bom venues
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  1. Very good ideas , we those from Upper East how do we attend these meetings? I want to be a member but I would like to attend the meeting first . please help
  2. Thank you very much Boss for your informations... Please I Urgently need a Mentor to build my business so please help me out
  3. i joined MAX 4 years ago because there was so much pressure with the job i was doing then... but unfortunately for me, my mentor was the bossy type, so i could not continue... kindly assist me on how to get back my credentials
  4. Please I am interested how can I join and earn money
  5. I am already in the process of registration today. For how long will it take before I will get the Product.
  6. yh the same too here as well. am more than interested in this great offer. what the way forward pls

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