Max International Products and Prices (Sales)

Max International Products and Prices (Sales)

Max International Products have come to make a significant impact in the lives of many. This article seeks to list and give the prices of the food supplements that are offered by Max International.

Max International has nine products on offer. All nine products are health products which are related to health enhancement. It is true that health is an important thing in a human being’s life.

Therefore, it is good when someone takes a decision to improve their health and at the same time make huge sums of money on top of that.

List of Max International Products and Prices

  1. Cellgevity = $26.2 = GH₵110 (One week bottle)
  2. MaxATP = $89.3 = GH₵375 (30 sachets)
  3. MaxN-Fuze = $89.3 = GH₵375 (30 sachets)
  4. MaxGXL = $78.6 = GH₵330 (1 month bottle)
  5. MaxOne = $90.5 = GH₵380 (1 month bottle)
  6. Max357
  7. Meta-Switch = $83.3 = GH₵350 (1 month bottle)
  8. Be
  9. Max Skin Care (Purifying Cleanser, One Minute Wonder, Facial Serum, and Soothing Moisturizer).

Check this out: Buy Cellgevity for cheap in Ghana.

Want to Buy Any of These Products?

You can get any of these food supplements delivered to you wherever you are in Ghana. You can contact the writer of this article directly on WhatsApp for purchase and pickup.

We have an article on how to take each of these health products in this article: How to Take Max International Products.

From Cellgevity, Max ATP, MaxOne, to Max GXL, we have explained everything in that post to guide you. We also have a post on some frequently asked questions about the products that you may want to check out.


Max Products are food supplements and do not treat, cure or prevent any disease. They simply boost glutathione within the cell and when that happens, amazing things can happen.

Please do not call Max products a drug or medicine – they are food supplements! And when you share them with others you will have a lot of testimonies.

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  1. Ishmael

    I had pancreatic surgery last year October and I still feel similar happenings within me. Can the cellgevity cure this even though it’s a food supplement??

    1. Saviour Sanders

      Cellgevity can help you.

  2. Mahmud Issaka

    I want to join but need to know more about that. When r ur meeting days pls….

  3. Ruben

    Is this product better than Imunocal from Imunotec ? And why if it is ?

    1. Saviour Sanders

      Sorry I don’t know about Immunocal.

  4. Lloyd

    How can I have this product available in zambia

    1. Aku-Sika

      Yes please contact +2330573814616

  5. Shantel

    Is it true that you can take the meta switch and reduce weight? If yes please throw more light on it for me thanks

  6. Maxwell

    Wassup me on ±233 271517002 incase any of you needs either information or help about max international.

  7. kyere hinneh moses

    i am a hapetitis b patient , which of the max product can help me ?


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