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    1. I had pancreatic surgery last year October and I still feel similar happenings within me. Can the cellgevity cure this even though it's a food supplement??
    2. I want to join but need to know more about that. When r ur meeting days pls....
    3. Is this product better than Imunocal from Imunotec ? And why if it is ?
    4. How can I have this product available in zambia
    5. Is it true that you can take the meta switch and reduce weight? If yes please throw more light on it for me thanks
      1. Please you can take cellgevity and maxATP Please call 0554553126
    6. I am from Papua New Guinea (PNG) . How can I become a Max Associate where Max International has not opened an office in PNG?
    7. I am hapetitis b patient, which product is good for me pls.
    8. Which of ur products is for weight loss,and how effective is it?
    9. Which product can boost your sexual activities
    10. Can pregnant women take any of the products n child of one and half year which of the products is good for it.
    11. Pls are the products available in Nigeria?
    12. Please which of the products can take care of ADHD
    13. Pls which one of your products is good for dressing premature ejection forever?
    14. Pls my right side is dropped which of de products is good for me? Samone said cellgevity nd max 357
    15. A client has body odor how can the suppliment cure her
    16. Which product of yours boosts immune system and refresh the body.
      1. Please you can take cellgevity and max 3.5.7 Call to order on 0554553126
    17. Pls how can I order for meta switch in Ghana the product is not in Nigeria yet
    18. Pls I had the symptoms of stroke which product is good for me? Am having a 8months baby can I still take in?
    19. I want to apply but l leave at Adenta in Ghana, how can l get access to it
    20. Good pproducts are in max international. Come with your illness and you will get solutions tto them.
    21. Please what the best product for baldness i need one and the price
    22. I have a client with severe candidiasis which of the product is good for her and another with hair breakage
  1. Want to know which of the max product can help treat mild Stroke

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