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  1. Dear Saviour, I just googled fructose and the brain and I was shocked to find that fructose is very detrimental to everyone's brain health - many studies have been done on this - check it out. I don't mind caffeine or green tea extract in "MAX N FUSE" and in "MAX ATP" but "fructose" is something completely different. All the studies say fructose is very detrimental to "brain cells" for everyone. I am not a diabetic but after reading these studies I must say that I am shocked M.I. has it in two of their products. Please read the studies for yourself and then contact Steve Scott and let him know. Maybe he will listen to you. I saw him on a Christian TV program recently. I read that even sugar is not as detrimental as fructose is to the brain. Hopefully they will remove the fructose from their products as this is supposed to be a company that stands for health. I don't want to even "give" these 2 products I have away to someone else as that would be unethical now for me to do. Please see if you can pass this email to Mr. Scott. Hopefully, they can upgrade their product. More comes out every year against fructose additives in products. Thank you. - Mary 3/05/18
  2. How do you join M.I if I don't know anyone...You stated that if one will join one should be led by someone who's already in Max... I don't know if anyone has posted this already...
    1. please contact me on the e-mail below and I will lead you into it.
  3. how do i sing someone outside Ghana like in US or any other country under me
  4. how do i get to sign someone outside Ghana under me
  5. Mary, fructose is a naturally occurring sugar found in most fruits and vegetables, tuber crops and grains that we all consume including yam, sweets potato, corn, honey, sugar( sucrose from sugar cane), pineapple, banana, onion, pepper, carrot and so so much more. U can not say that it is bad but it is its excess consumption that is not healthy. You can't just avoid taking fructose my dear. It is found in most foods. Fructose as an ingredient in this product is not bad or wrong or unethical. As fructose is, excess consumtion of most other food nutrients are also harmful e.g: carbohydrates (which fructose is part), proteins, fat soluble vitamins and mines, salts, even water etc.....
  6. Can cellgevity nd max 357 cure mild stroke at my right side. Pls be fast
  7. Can children below 18 years take cellgivity and if yes what is the dosage for children
  8. Is it taken before or after meals. Tired of asking this
  9. Can cellgevity be taken by children below10 years?If yes,which of the max products and what is the dosage?
  10. What's the best combination of max product for infertility. Rebuilding the body back to normal. Sperm count.
  11. Please can I take cellgevity whiles am taking Orthodox medicine?
  12. Can I get CELLGEVITY to buy in UK please. If yes , the address and website
  13. You have not been able to tell explicitly whether MAXN-FUZE is good for diabetic patients. Can you come clearly since some of us intend using the product alongside Cellgevity

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