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  1. Are all the different supplements for the same purpose? I know of someone who has a deep wound from staying on a sick bed (bed sore) for a long time. Which of the supplements can I refer for this purpose?
  2. Which of the supplements would you prescribe for a person periodically experiencing seizures?
  3. Does cellgevity aid in anal warts healing
  4. What will you recommend for patient with high creatinine level. Cellgevity or max one.thank you.
  5. Can a women who can't give birth take only Nfuze + ATP without cellengivity ?
  6. pls' can i take both Nfuze and ATP at the same time?
  7. Is the MAX 3.5.7 Arctic cod omega blend good for small pimples and spots?
  8. I have a test exercise tomorrow morning and can I take 2 sachet of max atp at dawn and do the exercise in the morning?
  9. Please does cellgevity heal muscles issues and lipoma?
  10. Pls I live at Takoradi and I want to become a member 2. Pls is cellgivity a immune booster Thank you.
  11. Please which one of your products will help will my allergies?

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