how to make money online in ghana

How to Make Money Online in Ghana (Exclusive)

I’m going to show you how to make money online in Ghana. A lot of people are making money from their websites and online products. You have no reason to be left out. In this article, you will learn every secret you need to become rich online no matter your skill level.

Before we begin, this is my warning to anyone who wants to make money from online surveys. Don’t do it. It won’t make you any good money. Just get a cup of coffee and read this tutorial from beginning to end and you’d thank me for it.

Making Money Online The Fastest Way

Work is crazily difficult. I won’t lie about that. Therefore you need fast ways of making money easily.

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There are different ways on how to make money online in Ghana, a lot of them. Buy you will learn from this article the best ways to earn money online. A few of them are Blogging, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Selling stuff online, Teaching / Training, Anything that brings traffic can generate income for you online.
In this article, I would talk about only three; making money from Blogging, Youtube, and social sites.

How to Make Money Online in Ghana From Blogging

  1. Sblogging for money onlineet up a blog: It’s very easy to set up a blog. Learn how to set up a WordPress blog from this tutorial where I show you how to easily create a WordPress website without making your hands dirty with code.
  2. Do Keyword Research: Don’t waste your time blogging on stuff that is not worth writing on. Keyword Research helps you know which terms people are searching for and their competition. Use Google Keyword Planner for your keyword research.
  3. Select a list of keywords to target your blog: This article will show you how to do proper keyword research and how to make the right choices
  4. Develop a Writing Schedule
  5. Subscribe to high authority websites in your niche
  6. Create a Facebook Page and Boost it
  7. Join Facebook groups in your niche
  8. Share your articles on wherever you see necessary
  9. Network with other blogs in your niche.
  10. Join Google’s Ad network, AdSense: Google AdSense lets Google advertise on your blog. The more views and clicks you get, the more money you earn.
  11. Start Making Money Online: Don’t forget that, in making money online, the more your traffic, the more money you make. I wish you the best in blogging. As you share your contents on social media very often, remember to also do search engine optimization to get google to rank you for people who are interested in your topic.

A lot of young Ghanaians are making thousands of dollars from Blogging in Ghana. You can also be a part of them. All you need is your readiness, and zeal to make some good money. Don’t rely on your small monthly salary alone for your financial freedom. Find other online ways of making money.

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How to Make Money Online in Ghana from YouTube

Youtube Marketing is one of the simplest ways of making money online. Though I’m not so passionate about making money from YouTube, I see it as a big avenue for making really quick money. With good video marketing tools, you are good to go. Below are the steps involved in making money from YouTube:

  1. Create a Youtube Channel with your Google account: Give your account a name that closely relates to what your niche is about.
  2. Start posting high-quality videos to get viewer attention: Make sure your videos are not boring (make them as short as possible). Attractive, funny, and emotional videos will get viewers to share your contents more often.
  3. Join Google’s Partner Program to monetize your videos
  4. Connect Your Channel To AdSense: This would help you to earn money from your videos and get paid.
  5. Choose the videos you want to monetize and wait for the cash to flow in.

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The Fastest Ways of Earning Money from Your Website

Apart from YouTube and Blogging, there are other real and easy ways of making money. What really brings money from the internet is traffic. When you have a lot of traffic, you can make any amount you like.

These are simplest steps to make money from your website:

  1. Create a social network for your school, church, or organization: 
  2. Design an online forum and invite your friends to join
  3. Create and run a polling website.

These methods are easier than the above two. This is because you don’t do any hard work by blogging on a daily basis or creating videos. The users of these sites create their own contents, and you the site owner makes the money by showing ads on it.

Lewis Howes shows you 10 ways of making money online in the video below:

What really brings money from the internet is traffic. When you have a lot of traffic, you can make any amount you like.

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