paypal account in ghana

How to Easily Create a PayPal Account in Ghana

I get messages from friends on how to create a PayPal account in Ghana. In this newsletter, I am not going to talk about why Ghana among other countries has been ignored on PayPal. All I am going to talk about is a way to open an account with PayPal in Ghana or any country that has been removed. You’ll learn a lot about PayPal Ghana as you read along.

paypal account in Ghana

What is PayPal?

This is what HowStuffWorks say about what PayPal is and what you can use it for:

PayPal is an online payment service that allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically. Here are some of the things you might use PayPal for:

  • Send or receive payments for online auctions at eBay and other Web sites
  • Purchase or sell goods and services
  • Make or receive donations
  • Exchange cash with someone

Why is it Legal to Create a PayPal Account in Ghana?

Most People will go like, it is unlawful to own a PayPal Account in Ghana. What I usually tell them is, in case you are in Togo or Nigeria, and it’s legal for you to own a PayPal Account, then in the same way, it is legal to own one in Ghana. I can be a Togolese or Nigeria and be residing in Ghana at the moment. Does that forestall me from using my PayPal account when I have one? Absolutely not. PayPal took away Ghana and other countries for their own security reasons, not because of illegality of persons using it in those countries.

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Differences Between Billing and Shipping Addresses

Billing Address: defines billing address as the address associated with your credit card – it is used to verify your credit card information. Your billing address is where you receive your bank statement for the credit card.

Shipping Address: defines shipping address as the address used to tell the seller where you want your items delivered. This can be the same as your billing address, or it can be different.

Creating a Verified PayPal Account in Ghana

While creating a PayPal account, you want to have a billing address. One advantage of PayPal to Ghanaians is that PayPal does not confirm your account with your billing address, not even with your cell phone number. It verifies with your email account only. Consequently, you need a valid email address to verify or spark off your account.

Follow the steps below to create a PayPal account in Ghana:

  1. Get a virtual Togo address with phone number
  2. Copy and paste the address somewhere on your computer
  3. Visit the PayPal site and hit Signup on the top right corner of the page, or use the URL which is the Togo version of PayPal
  4. Choose a Personal or Business account depending on your choice. Personal accounts are for general transactions like buying items and sending money. Business accounts are for integrating with online shops and related stuffs.
  5. Click Continue and you’d be prompted to type in your email address and other details
  6. Type in the email field your correct personal email address and choose a secured password
  7. Hit Continue and put in the address and phone number you have copied earlier in step 2 into the spaces provided
  8. Create your account and login
  9. Add your debit or master card details. Debit cards can be obtained from most international banks in Ghana including Barclays, UBA, etc. MasterCards can be obtained from GCB and some other banks.
  10. Check your email address to verify or activate your account, and enjoy PayPal legally in Ghana.

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And now for your information; if you want to buy items from online, always remember to specify a shipping address, where you want the item to be shipped to. This is totally different from your billing address.

If you still find it difficult to create your account, I can do it for you for a cool 100 cedis. Give me a call on +233 548771088 and let me get your PayPal account set up.

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  1. Archibold

    Please can you help me get a virtual nigerian address with phone number

  2. Ewurabena

    Do I need to open a dollar account or can I use my cedis account to fund the PayPal account

    1. No, Ewurabena.
      You don’t need a dollar account in order to fund your PayPal account. Your cedi account can do.

      When making transactions, your currency would be converted by PayPal.

  3. Edwin Asare

    Hello I would to ask this:
    can I use my US MasterCard instead of my visa card?

    if No!

    how do I create a PayPal account with my US MasterCard?

    1. Hello Edwin,

      You can use your US Mastercard to link with your PayPal account.

      Please note that it is not the card that will enable you to create the account. The card only links to your account after it is created to enable transactions to be done between your account and your bank.

  4. cliff

    please can i change my paypal address and phone number and country..i sign up using uk address

  5. Nana Ofori

    This is kinda flawed because when you attempt to link your debit card it will require a billing address and your billing address has to be the same or at least the same country with the one which you used to create the account. If there is a way to link a Ghanaian debit card with a Ghanaian billing address to a paypal account opened with a Nigerian address please enlighten me. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your comment, Nana. It is important that your billing address has your bank’s branch in that country.

      That is why I advice that you go with Barclays. Their debit cards are for free.

      1. Nana Ofori

        I don’t get you. Scenario I open a paypal account with a Nigerian address. Ecobank is also in Nigeria. I want to link my Ecobank Ghana card with the account. I’m unable to link because the billing address is restricted to Nigeria whereas my card’s billing address is in Ghana. So how do I resolve this?

        1. PayPal for Nigeria is a bit restricted and exclusive to Nigerian banks only. Addresses should also match the banks’ ones. From an article I read here How to Open a PayPal Account in Nigeria, the writer mentioned that

          Also when filling in your address, make sure that it matches the same address details you filled when you opened your bank account.

          This is totally different from PayPal Ghana because I personally used a Togo address for creating my PayPal account and a Ghanaian address for my Barclays Bank account yet it worked when I linked my debit card. I have used this card to make several purchases since then without having any issues.

  6. Nice tips here

    Am impressed in your guide on how to get papal account in Ghana.

    is barclays bank card still working with paypal?

  7. Adusson

    please can you help me get a Virtual Togo address with phone number?

  8. Alhassan

    pls paul is it real true the Barclays card works…cant wait to open barclays account.

    1. The Barclays debit card works. One thing to know – Please go with the international one. I was told only yesterday at the Bank that their local ones cannot do online transactions.

  9. Donald Jefferson

    Thanks for the insightful post.I have been able to create a paypay account but can’t link my Gt Bank debit card,international.
    Pls how do I do that. Thank you

    1. Hello Donald,

      Please find out if your card is an international one. If it is, then I guess you should try a different bank, specifically Barclays.

  10. Pascal

    Thanks bro for your guide because you help me get my PayPal Account, may God richly bless you.

  11. Dela

    Good day, Mr. Saviour and thanks for the information.
    I tried using a Visa card, but didn’t work out

      1. Dela

        Thanks bro, may God richly bless you. I just finished creating my PayPal account with Cal bank visa card.

  12. Abeiku

    please help me add my bank to my PayPal in Ghana.i create it with a Nigerian address and i can’t add my bank

  13. Goodluck

    HI.. i open i paypal account since last year but i have not been able to link it to my bank account and each time i try it, it keep telling me that the card is not accepted and i should try another card and it a GTbank master card, what should i do, please help me.
    thank you

    1. Hello Goodluck,

      Are you able to purchase items online with your card? If yes, then you would need another card, preferably from Barclays (Savings Account, International Visa Debit Card).

      Hoping to hear from you again.

  14. Steve

    This is an indepth artilce on the paypal issue.
    I have created abd verified my Togo paypal account 100% and i can use it to make any purchases online
    My main problem is that, i can’t withdraw. There is absolutely no withdrawal option in my account and i have also use Mpower too and it didn’t work. So please if you can guide me if there is any plan b method to withdraw fron Togo Paypal. I will be extremely happy

    1. Hello Steve. Thanks for your comment.

      I suggest you use Western Union to transfer your money.

      PayPal has disabled receiving money with Togo PayPal accounts. Countries like US that allows too, the procedure is complex, you would have to have an American Social Security Number to be able to transfer the funds that have been sent to you to your bank’s account.

      We are researching on how best to make Ghanaians use PayPal with ease.

  15. michael

    i tried creating an account on Paypal, but i wasn’t given the option of choosing the country i want. it automatically chose USA for me

    1. michael

      i have been able to solve it. i was automatically directed to so i changed the ‘us’ to ‘ng’.

        1. Alhassan

          i suggest the best thing to use this,is for only payment by linking your card..trying to receive funds on it will be at your own risk cos your account can be freezed at any time

  16. Torsty

    Thanks for this wonderful insight, I just go through your blog and I think what I’m looking for is right here, I just got to try it out and see how it’s work thank to you bro.

  17. eagle choice

    Please does the products or items order go to Togo due to the Togo address with phone number or, you would fill in an address for delivery

  18. Ekow

    Please can I use ecobank debit card #visa card to link ma paypal account?

  19. Nana

    Please .. I tried linking my ecobank debit card to my paypal account but it didn’t work. I used a Togo billing address and phone number. Kindly help me link my card to my paypal account.

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