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  1. So that means I can link my GT Bank (visa debit) card to the PayPal? Secondly what about my phone number. I will like to link my phone number to it. Like how much can be sent into my PayPal account when it is activated and linking it to my card?
    1. 1. You can link your GT Bank Visa Debit Card to it. 2. I don't know why you'd like to link your phone number, but to link it, your bank needs to have mobile wallet to card linking possible. With that, any funds you receive on your card can be withdrawn through mobile money. You don't need to worry about that when you can easily cash out from your ATM. 3. Any amount can be sent into your PayPal account. The withdrawal limit per day depends on the limit your bank has on your card.
  2. Can I link my Access bank VISA card to it to make withdrawals?
  3. Hello thank for your good work over here,I want to ask can I get paybal in Ghana without using Togo address and phone number? If so than pls kindly send me the step by step guide for me to get one.Derrickson
  4. i opened mine with a US address here in Ghana but with my name. i was able to link it with my international visa card and it worked but how do i transfer money to my PayPal account from my card (bank account) because it's requesting for date of birth,social security and tax ID number?
  5. I also want to know supposing am creating another account with a Togo address and phone number. Do i use the person who owns the address and phone number's name or my name but his/her address and phone number? Do i select Ghana as my nationality or Togo? Or do i go ahead and create the PayPal account with the said Togo address and phone number then later update the account to my Ghanaian address (the billing address of my visa card here in Ghana)?
  6. please can i use access visa to link the paypal account?
  7. Can I use mobile money account of I don't have mastercard?
  8. can you use it to pay for boosting ads on facebook and twitter?
  9. Can I have a personal PayPal account without a debit/credit card?? Also do I need to have a debit/credit card before I can pay money into my PayPal??
    1. You can have a PayPal account without having a card You can receive money from other PayPal users to fund your account.
  10. can I have a PayPal account while my bank account is empty
  11. I have added my access Bank visa debit card to my PayPal but when I want to confirm it says card not accepted. But they've deducted from my account too.
  12. hello which banks in ghana credit card can i link my paypal account too
  13. I have funds in my paypal account Pls how do I withdraw it?
  14. Hi I'm really interested in knowing this. Is it possible to get a PayPal account with an ATM card? I really want to know.
  15. So that i can start the process right away
  16. Great, u can have a paypal account without having a card.... How are u gonna top up your paypal account since u do not have a card to link with it??
  17. I just came by to say this really works and thanks! You're really a saviour!
  18. Im done creating my account.the only issue I'm having is linking it with my NIB MasterCard.
  19. Can I receive money in my PayPal account if I haven't linked a card yet?
  20. please the account you will be creating can i do all transaction with it and if yes how much time or days will it take to withdraw money???
    1. It varies. Sometimes instantly. Sometimes 24 hours. The longest is 7 days.
  21. Can I still use the account you'll be creating for me here in Ghana with my Ghanaian details anywhere in the world or I'll have to create another once I move to another country?
  22. Pls I won't to crate a paypal accounts but I have a small problem I won't knew the zip code
  23. Can I use my call bank visa card to make withdrawals..and can one person have multiple paypal accounts
  24. can I create a PayPal account before I do the card ?? or I have to get the card before I can get PayPal account
  25. please I created a paypal accounts with usa address and number how can change it to Ghana and like my credit cards?
    1. Sorry, you cannot change the country afterward. You may close the account and create a new one, or create a different one with a different email address.
  26. Interesting! Where is your contact and how do I transfer the cash to your doorstep. Am from Nigeria, any luck for me here, Pal.?
  27. Can I link my PayPal account to my mtn mobile money?
  28. I have a gt bank dollar card. Can I still use it to link with PayPal
  29. please i use fedility visa can i use it
  30. Can I link my mobile money with the paypal you’ll create for me without my bank card link with it?
  31. bro i have message u so please reply me i wanna create the paypal some
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