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  1. Parker

    So incase you registered with a south African home address, can you edit it and use a Ghanaian home address in your profile

    1. Saviour Sanders

      I haven’t tried that but I’m sure it would work. Since you can create a South African PayPal account with a Ghanaian nationality, editing your profile to a different country should work.

      But then, I don’t understand why your nationality should change from South Africa to Ghana. If only the address should change but same nationality, fine.

      Thanks for the question.

  2. Parker

    Ok. Thanks. But I guess there’s nothing wrong using a south African as my nationality.

  3. Nkunimdini Asante-Antwi

    Nice. Sounds very good….Question: is all this legal, your proposed approach? Interested but am also ethically conscious hence my question.

  4. Coffie

    I have a friend schooling in the United States. Can he create a PayPal account on my behalf? I mean can he create the account and send the particulars to me for me to operate it in Ghana here? Please I need your response. Thanks.

    1. Saviour Sanders

      Sure, he can create the account for you. Make sure you change the password after logging in.

  5. Mike Taylor

    Can my brother in US create a PayPal account for my bank account! for me to use it?

  6. Nasir

    how can the person link his/ her bank account in Ghana if the account is created outside Ghana by a relative?

    1. Saviour Sanders

      You can link any card regardless of the country it was created with.

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