PayPal Registration Without Changing Your IP Address

  1. So incase you registered with a south African home address, can you edit it and use a Ghanaian home address in your profile
    1. I haven't tried that but I'm sure it would work. Since you can create a South African PayPal account with a Ghanaian nationality, editing your profile to a different country should work. But then, I don't understand why your nationality should change from South Africa to Ghana. If only the address should change but same nationality, fine. Thanks for the question.
  2. Ok. Thanks. But I guess there's nothing wrong using a south African as my nationality.
  3. Nice. Sounds very good....Question: is all this legal, your proposed approach? Interested but am also ethically conscious hence my question.
  4. I have a friend schooling in the United States. Can he create a PayPal account on my behalf? I mean can he create the account and send the particulars to me for me to operate it in Ghana here? Please I need your response. Thanks.
    1. Sure, he can create the account for you. Make sure you change the password after logging in.
  5. Can my brother in US create a PayPal account for my bank account! for me to use it?
  6. how can the person link his/ her bank account in Ghana if the account is created outside Ghana by a relative?
    1. You can link any card regardless of the country it was created with.
  7. So my question is if someone is creating the account for you abroad, does he/she need to use your Ghanaian address or only your email address and personal details...???
  8. i don't feel at ease with this initiative but i think is the only option right? can i let my relative abroad use his or her details to create the account for me and then i later change only the password and add an additional email to it.... the question is if i am to link my debt card to his or her account created for me, wont my identity be exposed since both are contradicting or paypal wont verify my debt account name

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