Vodafone Bundle Codes and Short Codes in Ghana

Vodafone is one of the best network providers in Ghana. I personally use it so I know what I’m saying. There are a lot of packages they have, and today you would know all the Vodafone bundle codes and make a choice for yourself. That is not all, I would also give you a list of all Vodafone internet packages for your good browsing experience.

Vodafone Bundle Codes (Data)

Below are Vodafone data bundles or internet packages:

  • Vodafone Mobile Internet (Packages, bundles and More) – *700#
  • Internet Bundle Balance (Check your Vodafone Data Balance) – *700*2#
  • To check bundle information – *126#
  • Unlimited Internet Bundle (Unlimited Browsing) – None
  • Broadband Internet Bundle – *900#
  • Roaming Inquiry – *151#
Classification Bundle’s Name Price Volume (MB) Validity (Days) Codes
Daily Starter Daily GH₵0.5 20MB 1 *700*65#
Chat Daily GH₵1.5 80MB 1 *700*24#
Browser Max Daily GH₵3 200MB 1 *700*28#
Browser Lite Daily GH₵5 450MB 1 *700*56#
Downloader Lite Daily GH₵10 1GB 1 *700*57#
Weekly Starter Weekly GH₵2 100MB 7 *700*27#
Browser Weekly GH₵6 350MB 7 *700*30#
Downloader Lite Weekly GH₵12 1GB 7 *700*31#
Streamer Max Weekly GH₵20 2GB 7 *700*59#
Browser Max Weekly GH₵30 3.5GB 7 *700*60#
Monthly Starter Monthly GH₵10 450MB 30 *700*32#
Chat Monthly GH₵20 1.2GB 30 *700*34#
Browser GH₵40 2.6GB 30 *700*37#
Downloader Mini GH₵60 4.3GB 30 *700*38#
Streamer Max GH₵100 7.5GB 45 *700*40#
Jumbo Packages
Jumbo Browser GH₵150 10GB 30 *700*45#
Jumbo Streamer GH₵250 20GB 30 *700*48#
Super Sunday
Super Sunday GH₵2 150MB 1 *700*55#

List of Basic Vodafone Short Codes

  • Check Vodafone Credit Balance – *124#
  • To know your mobile number – *127#
  • Vodafone Call Center – 100
  • Credit Top Up (Reload) – *134*PIN#
  • How to Borrow Credit from Vodafone (SOS Credit) – *505#
  • Vodafone Cash –  *110#

Other Vodafone Short Codes and Offers

  • Vodafone Number Porting – 600
  • 050 Number Reservation – 175 (Text ‘book+space+the number to 175)
  • Access Code for Fixed Prepaid Lines – 1080
  • VIS (Vodafone Information Service) – *151#
  • Re-seller Balance – *484*1#
  • Swipe Card service menu – *142#
  • General news – *127*11#
  • Blackberry Provisioning and Package Options – *500#
  • Agent Sim registration – *145#
  • Self Sim Registration – *146#
  • Check for your sim registration – *900#
  • Vodafone Live Radio – *313#
  • Deactivation from Vodafone Mini Pack – *404#
  • FBB bill payments and Balance info – *900#
  • Deactivate call forwarding for all conditions – ##21# or ##002#
  • Transfer from Level L1 and L2 to L3 (Retailer) – *110*Phone Number*Amount*PIN#

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Vodafone X

  • To Bundle on Vodafone X – *5888#

Please note that you can also call 5888 if the *5888# isn’t working. Luckily, everyone is now eligible for the Vodafone X Package. Take advantage now to get your sim.

Vodafone Red

  • Vodafone Red Offers – *200#

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How to Transfer or Send Credit to Someone on Vodafone

It is quite easy to send credit to someone on Vodafone but a bit different from the other Vodafone Bundle Codes above.There are two ways to go about it. The Cedi only or send with Cedis and Pesewas. To send with Cedis only:

  • Enter *516*recipient’s number*credit in Ghana cedis*password# and send. The default password is 1234. For instance, if you want to send 40 cedis worth of credits to my Vodafone number 0506732803, this is how it would be: *516*0506732803*40*1234# and send. Don’t worry, I only use that number for my modem. If you really want to send me some money to support this free information and website, send it through MTN Mobile Money on 0548771088.
    • You can transfer a minimum of 20GHp and a maximum of GH¢50.
  • To transfer 50 Pesewas, the code is  *516*0506732803*0*50*1234# and send.
  • You will receive the following confirmation on your phone: “You have requested to transfer 30Gp to 0208000000. Press 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel”. A transaction fee of 5 pesewas is deducted from your account after a successful transaction.

To change the default password, enter *117*old pin*new pin* new pin#.

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