Web Design Costs in Ghana

web design costs in ghana
Web Design 18
  1. Dear Sir, I am Felix Asante and would want to inquire about the cost of a website that would hold quizzes in which people would pay to access. Winners based upon the highest and the one who answered earlier would then be rewarded.
    1. Please give me a call and let's discuss your idea in detail (0548771088). Thanks.
    2. How much will an online store cost and the duration? Didn't see anything related to it from the table
      1. Thank you for your question. We haven't added specific websites like online stores, social media sites, and the likes because those sites come with their own specifications dependent on the client's needs. It is expected that you give us a call or send us a message so that we can know more details of such sites. Thank you.
  2. Can you developed a application software?
    1. We currently don't develop desktop applications. We do web design and development. Thanks for the comment.
  3. Hello I tried to reach you on phone,I want a good website .Thanks and I'm expecting to hear from you and see you
  4. helloo i need a very strong peer to peer website and how much is it gonna cost me
    1. Sorry, we do not do Peer to Peer websites at the moment. Because of the financial stuff that goes with it, such businesses should have a proof of registration before we can think of going into such a project. Thanks for asking.
  5. I need an ecomerce site that will have dedicated pages for affilliates
  6. please where can i locate you i mean the paticular City or place U are located to come for more information
  7. Does this mean when someone creates a website on their own, no payment is required for the web hosting space ?
  8. How much will a property selling website cost me

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