Web Design Costs in Ghana

How much does websites cost? Should a website cost high or low? How much should web design companies and freelancers charge for websites? Should the charges be high or low? Most especially, what is the average price of a website? These and many more cost related questions are going to be tackled in this article – Web Design Costs in Ghana.

What Influences the Cost of Websites?

You need three things in order to own a website. These are:

  1. A domain name
  2. A web hosting package, and
  3. A web designer.

Now, the costs of the website will depend on these three factors.

First of all, A domain name is what you need to own a website. It is the middle name of your website url. For instance, the domain name for www.ghanaweb.com is ghanaweb. You pay for this, just like you do for your business registration names. This constitutes a little part of website fees charged by the designer or developer. In Ghana, domain names cost as low as  45 cedis per year. The cost depends on where you buy it. On average, you can pay like 50 cedis for a domain name. On the international market, prices are from 12 to 15 dollars.

A web hosting package allows you to store your website files online so that your website can access, and display it whenever someone visits your it. These files may include, texts, pictures, and videos. The price of web hosting in Ghana like OvationHall.com differs from one hosting company to the other. Web hosting in Ghana costs between 100 t0 as high as 500 cedis per year.

Consequently, A web designer is the one who designs or develops the website. Now, web design costs greatly depend on the designer. He determines how much profit he wants to make and so this affects the fees he wants to take. Sometimes, designers or developers add the client as a contributory factor in determining the price of their projects. For instance, if the company contacting is a popular brand or a “big” company, the designer may choose to charge high fees.

Prices at Website Ghana

Here at Website Ghana, below is our packages tabulated. We design any type of website hence we may give you different prices from the one you see below when you contact us. This should answer the following questions: What is the price of a business website? What is the price of a personal blog? What is the price of an eCommerce website? and the likes.Also, we have special prices for people who already own their websites and want to maintain it or monitor them. We have monitoring systems to check when your site goes off and makes sure it gets back online. Not forgetting website security. That is protecting it from attacks or hacks and increasing your page speed.

Web Design Costs – Packages Table


All Inclusive Packages

  • Content Management System installation and customization
  • Front page slider design
  • Content integration
  • Contact form
  • Mobile and tablet friendly design
  • Social media integration
  • Photo gallery
  • Blog setup
  • 24 X 7 support.

If you are interested in any of our packages, give us a call on +233 548771088, or send us a message using the contact page.