Common Challenges With Max International and What You Need To Know

Honestly speaking, network marketing is not so easy. And Max International like any other network marketing business has challenges. In other to win, there are certain measures to take note of.

Most people join Max International because they know they can make any amount of money they want. It does not just happen. There are challenges and hard times.

And today, I’m going to expose some of these challenges. Not only that. I’m also going to teach you how to overcome them and win in your network marketing business.

There is nothing like free money. Anything that can make you rich has setbacks. That is why not everyone can do network marketing.

It is for the prepared minds, and people who are consistent; the zealous ones, and those who are ready to learn (especially in the case of Max).

Some Common Challenges / Negative Perceptions of Max International

  1. Doing autoships every month to keep your account active.
  2. Getting prospects to enroll
  3. Little or no money to start
  4. Fear
  5. The excuse of
    1. I can’t do marketing
    2. I don’t know how to sell
    3. I’m feeling shy to sell
    4. My friends don’t have money to join
    5. My wife/parents don’t agree

How to Overcome the Challenges

Most of the problems of this business are corrected when you psych your mind or when you better understand the business of network marketing or the company involved.

1. Autoships

Authoships are your monthly commitment to your Max business to keep your business and account active. In Max, it costs at least 530 cedis to do an autoship. This helps you to also carry forward volumes into the next month.

Imagine you have a business that you own. You have to pay for rent, electricity, clothes, tax, and most especially the products that you want to sell. When you combine all these, you probably may spend more than 530 cedis each month.

In Max, you pay this amount and all these costs are covered. You don’t even register your business because the company has registered to cover for all their associates.

2. Getting Prospects to Enroll

This is one of the most difficult activities in network marketing. I had a hell of this experience when I joined one my first network marketing business in 2015.

Max understands this issue so this is how it is tackled. The company has made it simple for anyone at all, whether you are good at marketing or not, you can enroll people without struggling.

Let me show you how. It is not easy for individuals to convince people to join this business. So there are training sessions and business presentations in most parts of the country on weekly basis.

Check out our common Business Opportunity Meeting Calendar.

No matter where you are located in Ghana, you can get a chance to attend at least one training session or business opportunity meeting (BOM) in a week. That is the biggest stress relief you can get in any MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business.

Since you cannot convince, bring your clients to the BOM and let the experts show them what the business entails in a better way. It’s as simple as that.

I can say emphatically that when you invite 10 people who are entrepreneurial to a meeting, at least five of them should be ready to join.

3. Excuses – Money, Oppositions, etc

Let me steal some lines from Wapmaster, January 2018: “If your relative is dying at 10 pm and 1,000 cedis is needed to get him/her back to life without you having anything on you, are you not going to get that money at all cost?”

Max is a business and a good one at that. I’ve already talked about the costs involved when you want to set up a business in Ghana.

I don’t think I have to repeat that again. And for those who are in their comfort zones enjoying monthly salaries, I’ve not got much to tell you.

Just draw a plan of your next ten years with your salary and see if it’s pretty, considering that you’re going to increase your expenditure as the years go by.

I am not also saying that if you don’t join Max, then you would fail in life. No, not at all.

There are a lot of other businesses you can do to become wealthy – even robbery, lol. But for me and my house, we think Max is one good opportunity for us to have a fruitful life. For most people, Max is a way of becoming wealthy within a short period; for us, Max is the way.

If you haven’t seen the Max International Compensation Plan yet, download and study it thoroughly. You would realize that, the harder you work, the bigger the money you make.

In your traditional jobs, the harder you work, the same salary you earn. And oh! You can do Max on a part-time basis before you go full time after getting to a higher rank.


Let me give you some few scenarios: Most people did Max for just three years and they earn a five figure income every month. There are service personnel who are earning the same. Some for less than a year. Some people borrowed money to start this business.

The deaf and dumb are all doing Max. What is your excuse? If you want the money, then Max is the way. Come to join, and get it. Don’t waste your time. Call me on 0548771088 and let us get talking.