Alert: Ghana Police Service Opens 2017 Application

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  1. if you had D7 in english language but the rest is BBBB are you qualified
    1. Yes you can. Even E8 in maths can apply
  2. Why only shs what of we those who completed vocational,business secretarial , technical school also none tertiary, are u telling us that we can't go to police always shs.
  3. Can i apply with 5 credits and E8 in core mathematics?
      1. Sir please I had Enlish language C4, Social studies C5, Science C4 Mathematics D7, Biology B2 .Do I qualify please?
  4. Please I want to apply for the Estate officer position but i pursued Bsc. Real Estate at UDS wa campus. Am I qualified to apply?.
  5. my jhs result is good.completed shs but not too good result and im into music what that and i really wana take ma music into the force.i play all kinds of mumusic.both gospel and circular
  6. And also please if you want to become a criminal investigation department officer what particulars will you need to provide
    1. Please can you use shs Cetificate with cor mathematics D7 to apply for criminal investigation department (C.I.D) officer?
      1. And also if your J.H.S age is not marching to your S.H.S age are you qualify, and what age is quality to apply with S.H.S. Cetificate?
  7. Hello, Please, from the post on Ghana Police Service Facebook page. I saw that the vacant requirement cut out for tertiary graduates is 1st Degree only, what of the HND holders of this Nation Polytechnics. Am HND holder, that's why am asking this question.
  8. Your Commenthow much is the voucher
  9. If your height is 170cm ll u be disqualifed for the males
  10. Good morning, we are into printing and online registration and many more to,please any one who want us to help him/her to fill 2017 Ghana Police Recruitment online or any online registration can contact Philip printing press on 0554507905.
  11. Please can i apply whiles waiting for my novdec results to come
  12. pls I had d7 in English but the rest are good ..will I get a chance
    1. kindly contact/whatsapp Brainmax multimedia on 0543815041 for assistant or you can send us a mail on. Thank you.
  13. The entry requirement states"a minimum of five(5) credits,including English and Core mathematics(D7 and E8 respectively) "
  14. Can Novdec grade C6 replace Wassce grade D7 in core mathematics for police?
    1. please I'm also holding technical certificate (Naptex) if you get any information on that, alert me and I can also alert you if i get any info on that my contact is +233544686591
  15. Is it true u can easily be pick without connection...cause most people are saying that if u don't get sameone prominent to lead u,it wont work....i don't believe that
  16. Please if you are holding D7 in both science and maths are you qualified?
  17. please sir can I apply with my SHS Technical certificate? "KTI"
  18. pls can I apply wit dis grades C6 C6 D7 core= E8 mathematics science =E8 Social B3 English D7
  19. I have NVTI CERTIFICATE in carpentry and joining and also I have wassce certificate but have F9 in Maths. bu my problem is there is no carpentry category under tradesmen. Can I still apply. tell me should do .
  20. Please if you had E8 in some of the subjects can you apply
  21. Can you be in the service since you did not pass some of the subjects like core maths , SNC , etc . can you still rewrite as u are in the service.
  22. Please I love to drive but maybe because am not go in some of the subjects can I apply.
  23. Ple can l be in this service since my english ,social and govnmt are not good but l have the talent of playing trumpet and keyboard
  24. Hmm some of ua applied in September 2016 for the Graduate recruitment and were never worked on. Hmm God have mercy.Ghana.
  25. I have all the required grades ,but only have E8 in geography.I had c5 in mathematics,b3 in English,c6 in science,b3 in economics,and c4 in social studies
    1. Did you get any reply to this if yes I wanna know what the reply was.... My digit is 0249425835
  26. Please are we qualified? Those with NVTI Foundation and Certificates confused j just want to be sure before purchasing the forms..Thank You
  27. Please can I apply with grade E8 in core subject
  28. I had D7 in English can I apply
    1. Yeah you are qualified to apply .All the best thank you.
  29. Please the system is telling me that GCB has sold this vourcher multiple times. But I just bought it. Please can u help me resolve this issue. Thanks Waiting for your reply
  30. Please am having jhs certificate and professional hairdresser can also apply and which categories will i apply
  31. I had NABPTEX Certificate II and GES Certificate II. I offered PLUMBING & GAS FITTING as a Course. Please which category does I Belong?
  32. please am having HND in Fashion Design and Textiles can l also apply?
  33. Please can I print out my forms in case I disqualified ?
  34. Please i had all passes in all subjects but my electives i had e8 in financial accounting and had the rest passed can i also apply.
  35. Please may I know what will make one disqualified ?
  36. Congregation, Ghana police service, this is the best way to eliminate the fraud stars
  37. please i have used my email to purchase the voucher for myself and my brother. i'm finding it difficult to login. i don't want my voucher to go waste.
  38. Please are we qualified? Those with NVTI Foundation and Certificates 1 .....Thank You
  39. Please I have only my jss certificate and NVTI 1 With plumbing, am I qualify, and which category shd I chose, I have bought the voucher already.... Thank you
  40. pls sir correct me if I'm wrong...meaning in all an applicant needs about 6 subject with maths included to be qualified right?
  41. Please if I have D7 in c-maths and 4in English .can I progress to the next stage?
  42. Please can I apply with E8 in English and F9 in maths
  43. please can I use only senior high school and diploma to apply because I can see my Jhs certificate
  44. How do I change the email address, if the bank makes a mistake but after filling the form I get a text message I qualify
  45. Your Comment Pls wat age can you use to apply
  46. Your Comment Good morning sir, please I purchased two vouchers for two different people but I used the same e-mail to purchase all the two. One voucher has been used but the second person is not able to sign in or confirm the other voucher because of the that e-mail. IS THERE ANY WAY OUT OR ALTERNATIVE ???
  47. Same of you guys are never serious about the type of questions you guys are asking
  48. Hi am raymond i wish dose hw apply all de best,gud luck
  49. Please is nabtex accepted because I did building tech at attc
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