Everything You Need To Know About The Ghana Card

Ghana card
Ghana 11
  1. I'm a Ghanian and I'm 20 years of age but I have only a NHIS no birth cert can I register please
  2. Hi I was away during the national card registration so where can I get one now
  3. Pls what is the required age for the Ghana card
  4. How do I update my GHANA CARD or make changes on it?
  5. Please where can i get one or reg;thanks for all your help.
  6. i applied for ghana card ,since 17 may 2019,but the card has not being given to me , went to the office several time .they always said is not ready, i don't know when it will be ready ?
  7. l don't have birth certificate so can l also register
  8. Pls, I have the Ghana card, pls can I used to apply for passport ?
  9. If already registered and you are to do new one it is allowed or not
  10. Please, the NIA card has so many numbers on it. Which number should I use if I'm required to use NIA number?
  11. I want to retrieve my Ghana identification card number and the front and back of the card documented

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