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Painting Designs for Walls That Will Blow You Away

Saviour Sanders

Every business is evolving; just like room painting in Ghana. My name is Saviour Sanders, and I’ve enjoyed a nice artwork from this Ghanaian artist painter and I thought it wise to share with you.

I love design; and I love architecture, so much that, I follow a lot of architectural brands on Instagram.

And just as you know, architecture goes hand in hand with painting.

Painting is one of the jobs in Ghana that the youth are reluctant to venture: Those are the ones that guys need to go after. We can not all do the same thing.

room painting

A Quick Intro to How it Started

There is this guy who did some painting for me last year 2016 and I’ve always wanted to promote his business but I’ve not had enough time to do that.

As at today, 20th November 2017, the artwork still looks new to me. Therefore I’ve decided to write a review for that.

Everyone has a choice of color, and when you get a blend of your favorite colors, it can really inspire you.

Red is actually not my kind of color. But then, after seeing this particular red and white design, I was like wow!

Like most people, my room is small; and they may be wondering what paint colors would make their rooms look bigger?

Colors have the ability to make you see things differently.

If he did this work somewhere in an international gallery, he would have won a huge award for that. The pattern is just great and satisfying.

painting design in ghana

Looking for a Painter in Ghana: How it all started

I was referred to Daniel of Gifted Hands Interior and Exterior Wall Paintings by a co-worker after seeing a design he did for her that I happened to come across.

With just a call, Daniel scheduled a date to come around and give me a treat.

As you know, guys like Daniel who do room painting in Ghana have busy schedules.

We actually scheduled for a week’s time, but he came I think a day after.

He actually had a good explanation to why he had to reschedule and I was cool with it.

design painting

Cost of the Painting Design

To be honest with you, I paid nothing for his service. I only bought the paint and gave him something small for his transportation, and food.

This is because he is a relative to my friend who introduced me to him.

That doesn’t mean you should ask for a free design when you contact him. It takes a lot of hard work to do that.

Most people have high charges for room painting in Ghana.

And that is exactly why I haven’t forgotten his kindness.

He is a professional. I bet to let you know. As you can see from the picture, it takes only a professional, experienced, talented person to do such great artworks.

ghana painting

Comparing To Others’ Room Painting in Ghana

There are lot other Ghanaian painters. I have seen quite a lot but I can’t match any of them to what he has done.

Like I said, anytime I enter the room, there is a new kind of feeling I get with the design.

I think he deserves to be applauded for that.

In Akan, there is a saying that “Adepa na ɛtɔn ne ho” which means, a good product sells its own name.

I don’t know if I had that translation right but, hey! that is almost what it means.

ghana painting designs for walls


Contacting Daniel with A Discount

In case you want to contact him for yours, call him on +233 24 864 0318.

And please don’t forget to let him know that you took his number from Saviour for a 10% discount on all your paintings.

He has a lot of designs he has done and will show you when you get in touch with him.

Even if you’ve already painted your room, get a new design, and you’ll never feel bored staying indoors. Most people do.

They are always having the same appearance in their rooms making it so boring for them. Once a while, try changing the design and thank me later.


  1. dzifa
    November 24, 2017

    He is super talented...I just love his works.

    Had a design from him 3 years ago.I was amazed at the room was pimped up. I didnt recognise my own room .wooowww!!!! and it still looks new .
    He deserves this ✌???????
    #teamgiftedhands the best

  2. Samuel Lincoln
    November 24, 2017

    Gifted hands I call him

  3. Maxwell Amponsah
    November 24, 2017 name is paa kwasi. A policeman in madina.this young talented painter has a bright future. He also painted my room for me a couple of years ago and it still looks like it was done yesterday.Anyone who enters my room ask me of the person who did the painting for me,and trust me visitors even take secret photographs of the paintings with their phones when i intentionally excuses God bless him

  4. Yaba
    November 24, 2017

    I have no qualms recommending Daniel aka Atsu (Tawala) any day ... he does a brilliant job every single time.. I love his artwork soo much that I paint my room every year and it’s always by him and no one else.. Aside that, his humility, patience and respect for all clients young or older is immecable... Congrats Atsu and continue the good work..

  5. Daniel Quaye
    November 24, 2017

    Great work

  6. Wisdom kasreku
    March 13, 2018

    My name is wisdom kasreku,I just returned back from the United Arab Emirate and upon the comments I read about your beatification works I would like to work with you I do all kinds of painting vilvit Arabic design and wallpaper

  7. Nana
    June 27, 2019

    Hi Daniel,
    Get in touch for a job. My email:

    Make the subject of your email “painting “

    Thank you

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