The Ghana Police Service Recruitment Requirements

The Ghana Police Service Recruitment Requirements

The Ghana Police Service is known to be the most visible arm of the government of ghana. It is used as an instrument for the implementation of law and order among the citizens of the nation. Today, I am giving out the Ghana Police service Recruitment Requirements.

The service aims to protect lives, properties and personal dignity of citizens. It operates with maximum commitment using democratic policing principles and appropriate technology.

Indeed, their efforts do not deviate from their new motto, “To Protect and Serve with Honor”.

Most youths in Ghana have now developed an interest to protect and serve their nation with honor as the police do. The Ghana Police Service does not close its doors to them, but give way for those who are eligible for the service.

Academic competence, physical appearance, and fitness, age, nationality, character and criminal records are put into consideration as part of the Ghana Police Service recruitment requirements.

The Director General of Human Resource Department, DCOP Beatrice Vib-Sanziri, signed and issued the Ghana Police Service recruitment requirements and general eligibility for 2017.

Nationality and Age

With respect to the Ghana Police Service requirements, an applicant should be a Ghanaian who is not below the age of 18 and above 25.

Requirement for Physical Appearance

Male applicants must be at least 5 feet 8 inches [173cm] tall and female applicants must be at least 5 feet 4 inches [163cm] tall. Also, one has to be fit aside from the height requirements. Note that strength is required to undergo recruitment processes.

Also, one has to be fit aside from the height requirements. Note that strength is required to undergo recruitment processes.

Also, you have to be fit aside from the height requirements. Note that strength is required to undergo recruitment processes.

Academic qualification

The Ghana Police Service recruitment requirement is not different from what most Ghanaian tertiary institutions require for admission.

That is a minimum of six (6) credits [A1-C6] at WASSCE, English language and Mathematics inclusive. Do not to forge fake results because you would be prosecuted for such a crime.

Applicants must also be of good character and without any criminal records.

If you are an eligible Ghanaian with the interest of being part of the service, do not hesitate. Begin to apply.


  1. Gideon

    Please is recruitment in to the police service ongoing now?.where can one purchase a form if it is.

    1. There is no fixed date for it. It is expected to be out within a month’s time.

      We would update you as soon as it is out. Please subscribe to the blog for updates.

      1. Bright Lucas Darko

        please give me an update when the police form is out

        1. Jemima molugu

          Please have u started with another recruitment?

  2. kingsley Appiah

    Please any other thing to be considered apart from wassce? Maybe submitting an obtained certificate from a tertiary institution.

  3. Tara Daukaba Jimah

    When will they be releasing the forms? How tough is the training ? I can equally serve the nation as far as am a ghanaian.

    1. andrews

      the training is normal never tough but what matters is ur performance in class. cos u will go to class learn n write exams n if u fail they would send u to tamale n train u there.

      1. obiri yeboah sylvester

        yah please i have now understand because last month one of my friend graduate from the ghana police service and i think after the graduate you will come to the house and rest for about two weeks for moving to your post station but my friend did not come home and what i here is they send him to tamale, please is there any brief on that

  4. Onmariba Charles

    I can’t just wait to hear that these forms are out.

  5. zachariah

    i wonder how those who qualify for the for the police job with capable experience are not recruited rather having different people into the job why Ghana?

  6. linda

    Please when is the Ghana police service forms 2017 coming out

  7. zachariah

    it will be very wise to recruit all qualify CPA into the service rather than any other way round.IGP do your best

  8. zachariah

    does my suggestion because at the field most are not with the adequate qualification

  9. sarfo weremfo hayford

    We have been waiting all these while but nothing is coming.. Please lets from you. THANKS

  10. nkansah

    Please when will the police form will come out and what mouth will they recruit.

  11. agbobli agbeshie

    is police recruitment form out in ghana alreadly

  12. Atwerebour owusu sweetie

    Plz we aa waiting for the forms. And i think is dis month ending or early august

    1. Eunice boateng

      X Ghana police forms be already out or z now coming out because we have waiting for long

  13. aboah daniel

    i want to edge president to recruit all CPA in police service, because i m among of them.

  14. Nkeboare John

    When will the forms be out? Pls alert us when it’s out

  15. Takyi-Abeam

    Please as part of the body selection, will they check scars

  16. obeng o Samuel

    when will the forms be out pls? and how many years took for training?

  17. Yeboah George

    am Yeboah George
    I had D7 in core math’s….
    D7 science…
    so should I applied for please.


    Please l had D7 in core maths and l wanted to know if l can apply. Thanks

  19. Joseph

    Why is it that general agricultural is not accepted in Ghana police service. Because is in the academic requirements that at least C6 in six subjects including English and mathematics and any four elective subjects.please I need an answer

  20. joseph owusu ansah

    pls i had d7 in science n c6 in maths.can apply for it

  21. Joseph

    Is agricultural science accepted in academic requirements of the Ghana police service

  22. Ebenezeragyiri

    please when will the police forms come out

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