Ghana Police Service Recruitment, and Forms

Ghana Police Service Recruitment, and Forms

In my previous post on the Ghana Police Service Recruitment Requirements, I made mention of everything you need to apply for the Ghana Police Service. In this write-up, we shall look at the mode of application, forms, and some processes for recruitment.

As a matter of fact, you need to know everything that has got to do with the Ghana Police Service if you really want to pass and enter.

Mode of Application

Please read our recent article on the Ghana Police Service Recruitment below:

Alert: The Ghana Police Service Opens the 2017 Application

You can find the date, process of application, and deadline for application.

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  • Give your full official name at the point of purchase of voucher.
  • Keep your PIN and SN for all states of the recruitment process.

Stages of The Ghana Police Service Recruitment Process

When the online application is over, a short list will be made of applicants who meet the initial requirement.

Let us now look at some process that will be gone through;

  • Selected persons will be invited to centers of their choice for further procedures. This is where body examination and selection, examination and inspection of academic and personal documents shall be conducted.
  • Successful candidates shall be made to write aptitude test. Here again, the list will be reduced.
  • Individuals who pass this aptitude test will then go through criminal and background check.
  • Successful applicants will then go through a medical examination.
  • Applicants whose name appear in the final list of selected candidates shall then be invited for the commencement of training.

The Ghana Police Forms and Rules for 2017

It is very important for all applicants to note that;

  • Forms are filled only online,
  • Instructions are to be read thoroughly before filling the form,
  • A person who submits application forms more than once will be disqualified,
  • all academic certificates will be verified at WAEC. In any case of forged results, the individual will be prosecuted,
  • all communications with applicants will be done through e-mails only,
  • only shortlisted applicants will be invited for further processes.

The Ghana Police Training

During the process of training, candidates will be treated with high discipline. They shall be trained towards;

  • protecting life and property,
  • preventing and detecting crime,
  • apprehending and prosecuting offenders
  • and maintaining public order to ensure peaceful and safe environment.

This is what you need to know concerning the Ghana Police Service Recruitment.

The Ghana Police Service Official Website

We recommend that interested applicants check out the Ghana Police Service official website for more information relating to the service and application process.

The Ghana eServices Portal contains a lot more information on the Ghana Police Service. That is actually where the service has put all their information.

Check it out here. You can copy the link and paste it into your browser:

Comments have been closed: For any other question relating to the Ghana Police Service, please use the Questions Page on the main menu of this website. Thank you.

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    1. Please subscribe to the blog. You will get a notification the moment we publish an article about it.

      1. Name

        please they required at least C6 in six subject including mathematics and English I have but is General Agric included among the four other subjects

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          please they required at least C6 in six subject including mathematics and English I have but is General Agricultural included among the four other subjects

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    1. Depends on what the Police Service would specify. It could be any number of months.

  27. Mary Sarpong

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    1. Depends on what the Police Service would specify. It could be any number of months.

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