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Top 10 Job Sites in Ghana

You are not alone when looking for the best job sites in Ghana. The internet has made a lot of things very easy.job sites in ghana

Things we couldn’t do or found difficult doing in the olden days are just clicks away.

Same happens when looking for jobs. Look no further than use the internet. These are by no doubt the best job sites in Ghana. You can find jobs from government, NGO, to banking jobs.

Let’s check them out.

List of Job Sites in Ghana

  1. – rated so far as the best jobs website in Ghana. They have the Nigerian version of the site as well. Check them out.
  2. JobsInGhana – Another high trending jobs site in Ghana. The site has a clean appearance but the texts are too small for my liking. That notwithstanding, they have categorized jobs well on the home page.
  3. GhanaCurrentJobs – Ghana Current Jobs, as they call themselves is just like a photocopy of Jobberman. I don’t know yet if it is a planned thing or coincidental.
  4. JobHouseGhana – Job House Ghana has big fonts, and nice design. According to Richard, who is one of their team members, JobHouse is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company with specializations in Web Design, HR and Recruitment, Fleet Management etc. The jobs are listed at
  5. Tonaton Jobs – Tonaton has been of help to most Ghanaians in terms of buying and seling. That not all, they offer the opportunity to post and locate jobs on the site which is a good thing.
  6. BusinessGhana Jobs – Business Ghana offers business news to Ghanaians. Since you can’t talk about business without talking about jobs, they have a jobs portal for their users. I wouldn’t say it is that robust like the top sites but, I see it fit to fall among the list.
  7. – Ghana Job has also got a nice design and nice front page, allowing you to easily search, apply, or locate jobs.
  8. Ghanaweb Jobs Portal – GhanaWeb seems to offer anything on their website. Check out their jobs portal.
  9. – Home page not too appealing.
  10. JoblistGhana – Design not bad, fonts big enough. have jobs well categorized.

These are the best places to get job listings. I will still repeat what I wrote in my previous article on Jobs in Ghana. One of the best place to get interest based jobs in Ghana is LInkedIn Jobs. Sign up or login with your LinkedIn account.

Now select your interests on your profile, like banking, government, fashion, etc. Sit down and keep your fingers crossed. You’d get alerts for jobs that fit your interests. This is not other countries’ jobs. The software knows you are in Ghana so recommends Ghanaian Jobs for you.

Check this other article out on how to find the best Jobs in Ghana.

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  2. Richard Dogbe

    Thanks for your nice article. However, there is one issue with JobHouse Ghana. The jobs are listed at

    The homepage is just a pointer. It directs to various business units of JobHouse, which is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company with specializations in Web Design, HR and Recruitment, Fleet Management etc.

    Since your article focused on jobs or job websites, is it possible to link the “JobHouse Ghana” in your article to the jobs section ( rather than the homepage. I believe this will improve the experience for your readers.


    1. Saviour Sanders

      Thanks for the correction, Richard.

      I will effect the correction as you have explained.

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