list of companies in ghana club 100 list

List of Top Companies in Ghana Club 100

Usually, it is very difficult to come out with a list of best companies. When it comes to companies in Ghana, it’s the same issue, especially when people talk about the Ghana club 100 list.

Luckily enough, there is a group that is dedicated to identifying the best companies in Ghana. Not only that, they award the best-performing ones to keep them doing better.

This company is none other than the Ghana Investment Promotion Center, GIPC for short.

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Others may argue that the list doesn’t show that they are actually the best in Ghana. But then, that is the only way to get the best out of all, unless there is another way round.

Absolutely, there are criteria for selecting and awarding. Rather unfortunate, that’s not what I am going to talk about.

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Complete List of Companies in Ghana from the Ghana Club 100 List (2015)

  1. Newmont Golden Ridge Ltd.
  2. Ghana Oil Company
  3. Golden Star Resources Ltd.
  4. Total Petroleum Ghana Ltd
  5. Ecobank Ghana Ltd
  6. Unibank Ghana Ltd
  7. Zenith Bank Ghana Ltd
  8. Newmont Ghana Gold Ltd
  9. Ramel Business Services Ltd
  10. Cal Bank Ghana Ltd
  11. Barclays Bank Ghana Ltd
  12. Fan Milk Ghana Ltd
  13. Unilever Ghana Ltd
  14. Access Bank (Ghana) Ltd
  15. Ghana Home Loans
  16. Melcom Ltd
  17. Dalex Finance & Leasing Co Ltd
  18. Toyota Ghana Company Ltd
  19. B5 Plus Ltd
  20. Asa Savings And Loans Ltd
  21. Amenfiman Rural Bank Ltd
  22. Enterprise Life Assurance Co Ltd
  23. Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Ltd
  24. Ghana Community Network Svcs Ltd
  25. Capital Bank Ltd
  26. Sefwiman Rural Bank Ltd
  27. United Bank For Africa (Ghana) Ltd
  28. Nationwide Financial Services Ltd
  29. Nationwide Financial Services
  30. Scanard Ghana Ltd
  31. Manya Krobo Rural Bank Ltd
  32. Atwima Kwanwoma Rural Bank Ltd
  33. All Time Capital Ltd
  34. Fiaseman Rural Bank Ltd
  35. Leas Afric Ghana Ltd
  36. South Akim Rural Bank Ltd
  37. DHL Ghana Ltd
  38. Sic Life Co Ltd
  39. Societe Generale Ghana Ltd
  40. Shekinah Glory Hotel Ltd
  41. Glico Health Care Ltd
  42. Prudential Bank Ltd
  43. Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Ltd
  44. Brooks Asses Management Ltd
  45. Otuasekan Rural Bank Ltd
  46. Jislah Financial Services
  47. Regency Alliance Insurance Ltd
  48. Dumpong Rural Bank Ltd
  49. Duraplast Ltd
  50. Prudential Life Ghana Ltd
  51. Odotobri Rural Bank Ltd
  52. Enterprise Insurance Co Ltd
  53. Kasapreko Co Ltd
  54. New Crystal Health Services Ltd
  55. Sahel Sahara Bank (BSIC Ghana Ltd)
  56. Anlo Rural Bank Ltd
  57. Bono Savings And Loans Ltd
  58. Unicredit Ghana Ltd
  59. Tropical Cable And Conductor Ltd
  60. Ahantaman Rural Bank Ltd
  61. Akwapim Rural Bank Ltd
  62. Star Assurance Company Ltd
  63. Japan Motors Ltd
  64. Bosomtwe Rural Bank Ltd
  65. M And G Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  66. Benso Oil Palm Plantation Ltd
  67. Strategic Communication Africa Ltd
  68. Nwabiagya Rural Bank Ltd
  69. Kintampo Rural Bank Ltd
  70. CDH Savings And Loans
  71. Atwima Mponua Rural Bank Ltd
  72. Active Int Insurance Company Ghana Ltd
  73. Equity Assurance Limited
  74. Juaben Rural Bank Ltd
  75. Lower Pra Rural Bank Ltd
  76. Sekondi Takoradi Forex Bureau Ltd
  77. Paradua Forex Bureau Ltd
  78. Bank Of Baroda (Ghana) Ltd
  79. Pan African Savings And Loans Co Ltd
  80. Bia-Torya Community Bank Ltd
  81. Reroy Cables Limited
  82. Ananano Rural Bank Ltd
  83. Quality Life Assurance Co Ltd
  84. North Kaneshie Forex Bureau Ltd
  85. Nsoatreman Rural Bank Ltd
  86. Land Tours (Ghana) Ltd
  87. 1st African Forex Bureau Ltd
  88. Intercom Programming & Manufacturing Co (IPMC) Ltd
  89. Atlantic And Pacific Forex Bureau Ltd
  90. PZ Cussons Ghana Ltd
  91. Camelot Ghana Ltd
  92. Glico Life Insurance Co Ltd
  93. Latex Foam Rubber Products Ltd
  94. Bystems Ltd
  95. HFC Bank (Ghana) Ltd
  96. Reiss & Co (Ghana) Ltd
  97. Anum Rural Bank Ltd
  98. Glico General Insurance Co Ltd
  99. Imperial Homes Ltd
  100. Enterprise Trustees Ltd

Criteria For Selecting Companies for the Ghana Club 100 List

According to,

To be eligible for the Ghana Club 100 rankings, companies must be limited liability firms. Where companies have government interest, shared ownership should be less than 50% unless they are listed on local bourse.

Also, companies must have cumulative net profit for the last three consecutive years to be eligible for entry.

Ernst and Young, compilers of the 2013/2014 list base rankings on three main criteria – size, profitability and growth of the companies.

Company size is given a weight of 40% while profitability and growth are weighted 30% each.

The overall score for each company was then determined by totaling the company’s weighted average for all three criteria.

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