TV Stations in Ghana (Satellite, Digital, and Analog)

Ghana TV Stations
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  1. That's a useful information. Keep it up
  2. Most of my station has been lost,what shd I do to get it back
  3. please you have to open all channels and not selective because each person has his/her preferable station so I will be please if you will take note and act accordingly
  4. Not all the channels that comes on the multi tv,such as viasat 1,utv,adehye tv,smile tv,obonu tv,net2 tv,4syte tv,agoo tv,etv,crystal tv and etc.i need a help to be able to get all this channels please....
  5. Very useful information . Can we get smile TV back on our digital station please. Thank you
  6. Pls, I have lg led tv with satellite and digital, when using in Accra it's works alright but when I send it to Assin Fosu were they just completed digital most people digital tv works but my is not working, Y?
  7. My station is not cming at all wat should I do
  8. You can rescan your decoder with blind scan or manually keying in the frequency, symbol rate and polarization. You also check this link for more details:
  9. Please I need the codes for searching stations on Q-Box Concorde decoder
  10. A very useful information. But pls some of the TV stations like Dominion TV does not appear on my TV. How can I get it?
  11. Why is Volta 1 TV does not show part 2 of film play by them out the time the part 1 finished it make people lose trust on them please help me inform them. It better they don't show then to half a film half road. Thank you.
  12. Great information there. Thanks for sharing. More and more information will be coming in, i believe.
  13. Please i can't get FAST TV on my decoder and soon my series is yet to be shown starting from 11 April 5:30pm on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays... I want to be able to reach that station before 10 April please how can i get it on my Decoder TNT Star. ???
  14. The title of the series is JOURNEY OF MY LIFE and promo is in going on FAST TV but i don't have it here on my Decoder please what is the settings cos i have rescan it several times yet i don't seems to get it..!
  15. Good, now i know who to advertise with, Thnx admin.
  16. Pls can someone help mhe unlock scramble tv3 on my multi TV decoder
  17. Im unable to access tv3 on my digital tv. I want the manual mhz so i can manually locate it
  18. My Samsung smart tv is not finding tv3, adom tv , gh one , joy prime and the rest when I broadcast to scan and search for.
  19. Hi, how do I watch 4syte TV and Oceans TV, don't seem to get those channels up here
  20. Most of my channels have been lost, what should I do to get them back
  21. Pls I just bought a syinix digital tv. I want to no the steps follow in other to get Joyprime, joynews,4 syte tv and visiat 1 tv. Pls
  22. I bought recorder and I have fixed everything but the video did not come and I hear all the audio

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