How to Know Where a Website is Hosted | Web Hosting Search Tool

Here at Website Ghana, we do a lot of research to find the best online tools to boost our business and that of our clients. We analyze websites, their quality, responsiveness, beauty, security, and many more. Among these assessments of websites is to know who designed the website and most especially who is hosting it. We have therefore written this article to let you know of a web hosting search tool.

Benefits of Using This Web Hosting Search Tool

This tool will help you know exactly which web hosting company is hosting a particular website. Apart from that, you can also know which web host is best for you.

Using the web hosting search toll can also help you to know if a web hosting company is just reselling, which level it falls under the reselling chain and whether it has its own servers.

Website to Know Who is Hosting a Particular Website

And now, to know who is hosting a particular website, visit and you should see the screen like the one below:

who is hosting this website hosting search tool

Other Websites for Knowing Who is Hosting a Website

Other Websites for knowing who is hosting a website are:


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