How to Fix WordPress Index of / Error

The hell when you try opening your website and all you see is an index of your files and folders. You may end up pissing your pants, seriously. I hate it when my website goes off. You then wonder how to fix the WordPress Index of / error.

Especially when you are running a big website with a lot of users and a lot of money and time invested. You would cry.

When such happens, don’t kill yourself yet. There is a quick solution. Really quick.

Screenshot of the WordPress Index of / Error

wordpress index of errorThis is exactly what you see when you experience the Index / of Error.

Fixing the WordPress Index of / Error

Follow the steps below to fix WordPress index of Error:

  1. Download the zip file of WordPress from the official website.
  2. Extract the Downloaded file into a folder format.
  3. Open the folder till you come across a list of the following folders; wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes; and files, .htaccess, licence, etc.
  4. Look for the index file.
  5. Upload this file into the root directory of your website in your cpanel file manager.
  6. Refresh your site and you are back up.

This is really simple to do. If you were not able to do it, send us a message on our contact page and we would help you out.

Usually when this error occurs, the dashboard, I mean the backend is active whereas the front page rather has the issue.

The first time I saw this error on one of my websites, I thought I had lost everything. Upon checking through the WordPress website directory, I realized I had only lost the index file.

Not sure what really caused the loss, I had to reupload this file really quick to prevent the loss of more customers.

This is when Website Monitoring services like Uptime Robot and Pingdom become handy.

Thank you for reading. Spread the good news bro!