10 of The Best Hospitals in Ghana

best hospitals in ghana
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  1. Ys, I am trying to locate a Doctor Katerina, a woman Doctor who told me she OWNS a public hospital in Accra, but is currently attending a patient at Kabsad Scientific Hospital. I cannot seem to find HER or any listings of her ANYWHERE! CCan someone please give me some helpful information about this Dr. Katerina, in Accra, please? Thank you for any and All INFORMATION you can POSSIBLY share? I would appreciate it. Thank you. Sincerely, Jonathan
  2. Would anyone be able to help me find out how get a copy of my birth certificate from The Ridge Hospital? I've tried looking on-line to see how to contact them, but so far have drawn a blank.. I was born way long ago - back when Ghana was still The Gold Coast.. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thank you, Inga Brereton
  3. I suggest the amount paid for the national health insurance be increased by categories to provide good services the amount being paid currently is nothing to compare. Please find out more about how it is done in the UK for better services. It is one of the best.
  4. We have the "34 Military Hospital" in Sierra Leone and I've always wondered why 34 :) . I guess now I could say it because it was "the 34th Military hospital built in British Colonies of West Africa"
  5. Is there a St. Joes Hospital in Accra Ghana West Africa?

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