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All submitted articles should be more than 300 words and should be unique contents (should not be copied from anywhere).

If you copy from somewhere, it would be identified and ignored. Articles that tend to promote one’s business without any education to our readers would also be ignored.

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About this Project

Thank you for your interest in writing for Website Ghana. We are growing to become the biggest online publishing group in Ghana.

We are ranking on search engines for most of our published articles.

We want to widen our scope to write more content to satisfy our fans readership.

We have therefore started this project to enable interested persons to get their information and brands out there.

How We Approve Posts

Our team would review every submitted article to make sure it meets our standards. Afterwards, we create an author account on our site for you and publish the article in your name.

What Posts Do We Want?

These are a list of our categories. You can submit posts that relate to any of them:

Technology in Ghana, Business, Money, Design/ Branding, E-commerce, Reviews, Education, General Ghanaian News or anything Ghanaian that you see fit to be on our website.

Requirements for the Submitted Post

Please take note of the features below when writing your post:

  1. There should not be more than three sentences in one paragraph.
  2. There should be subheadings to make the article easy to read.
  3. Please check your spellings before hitting the submit button.
  4. A link to other sources and to our previous articles would be appreciated (optional).

What Do You Get From Writing For Us?

As much as possible, we want to make our writers happy by motivating them in several ways. One of these is by getting them something in terms of money at the end of each month.

This may depend on the number of articles, the quality, importance, and traffic.

Aside from that, we give our writers to promote their business on our platform.

If there are any questions, please use the contact page. Thank you.