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Why We Started Website Ghana and What we Do

Hello, and welcome to Website Ghana. We are glad that you have taken time to read about us, and to know more about the services we provide. Website Ghana was started and launched officially on 1st July, 2016, the republic holiday in Ghana. We are a web design company, and we pride ourselves as the best web design company in Ghana. We have a number of reasons to prove that. We are a young team of professional, passionate and creative guys who love to design beautiful websites for companies and individuals in Ghana.

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Why the Name Website Ghana?

We believe so much in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing as a tool to turn a company’s fortune around for the better. Search Engine Optimization makes websites rank well on Google and other search engines’ pages; making them get a lot of visitors hence increasing their sales. It starts from the web hosting company you choose, the domain name you purchase, the codes in your website or the software you install through to the content of your website and never ends until your site is closed down. Check out this article in this link to know the 22 top seo ranking factors. To provide the best website for the best search engine ranking, we had to choose a good name, a search engine optimized one for that matter.

Researches before Launch of Website Ghana

After careful checks and researches on, we came across which was available for sale. We were so happy we had to buy it fast to prevent other people from coming to buy it. Let me state here that, if you want to start a company, this is the right time to start buying your domain names for your company. This is because the name you are planning to give to your company may be bought earlier on by someone else preventing you from registering your company with such a name. It would be a smart move on your part to start buying your domain before someone buys it. You can get domain names for as low as 40 cedis in Ghana.

Now, to the question: Why As I said earlier, we wanted a name that is well optimized for search engines so we combined website and Ghana and had a good deal. One of the most ranked websites with the keywords web and Ghana is It is not a web design company though but just because of their domain name and the large number of content they have on their site, they’re able to rank pretty well, not forgetting their domain age. I have heard it is not even owned by a Ghanaian but a Nigerian and wonder how true that is. I’m yet to find out anyway. Another good ranking factor in Ghana is the key phrase “news websites in Ghana” I remember when I wrote this article on 22 most visited websites in Ghana, most people who landed on that post through search engines searched with that key phrase. Another website is ranking well with the key phrase “the best web design company in Ghana” and that is also our target. Hence we had to beat the competition. This website is They have a little higher advantage because of their domain age and domain name. We can still beat them in ranking as we work along in improving our search ranking. New websites may take a while before appearing in search engine first pages. So we are patient and hope to lead the competition very soon as we work harder on getting to the top.

Our Process and Strategies to get Website Ghana the best Design and Performance

We wanted the best so we had to work harder in achieving, and so far; so good. We wanted to launch early; usually we don’t spend too much time in designing websites, a maximum of one week, we should be done with a web design project depending on the size or workload of the website. Therefore we use the most popular Content Management System, WordPress to get our work done as soon as possible. Now, after writing our contents and proof reading while editing, we realized we had a pretty good design but lacked one thing – speed. Because we used a more complex functionalities, our resources took a long time before loading the pages. Now it was the time to increase the speed. Before working on the speed, we had to test the site on other browsers, test it on to make sure we have a good seo site. The few errors we had, we corrected them and moved on to Google PageSpeed Insights to test the speed there as well. It was way below what we expected. So we started to improve the speed, and gradually we got to the speed we wanted. After few corrections, we launched our site to the world, especially Ghana which we are targeting.

Our Services

Website Ghana is a web design company. Our first Service therefore is Website Design. Under web design, we do HTML, CSS, JavaScript static websites; and WordPress Website Design but we do WordPress most since it is faster to work with.

We also do Ecommerce websites or online shops. If you want to put your shop online so that other people can buy your products there, contact us for unbeatable prices. We have a lot of experience with online commerce.

On the other hand aside web design, we do social media marketing. When you want to get a lot of likes on your Facebook pages, more followers on Instagram or Twitter, get in touch. We apply the best ways of advertising so that you can reach more and targeted audience for you to get more returns on your investment. We don’t just run social media ads. We use our proven strategies to get the right type of people who would want to purchase your products to like or follow your social profiles. For instance, if you sell laptops or phones, there is a way to target only people who love to buy new phones and laptops only to see your ad.

Our next big service is search engine optimization. There are a lot I can say about this but that will lengthen this article so I’m directing you to this article 22 Top SEO Ranking Factors 2015. We know all these factors and we are ready to work on your website to improve your search appearance for more money.

Get in touch with us now by sending us an email or call us to get your website online within the shortest possible time.


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