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Victor Amegatse asked 5 months ago

Please assist me step by step to get a paypal account in Ghana as a Ghanaian to enable me make online payment via paypal

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Saviour Sanders Staff answered 5 months ago

Follow the steps below to create a PayPal account in Ghana:

  1. Get a Togo address with phone number
  2. Copy and paste the address somewhere on your computer
  3. Visit the PayPal site and hit Signup on the top right corner of the page, or use the URL which is the Togo version of PayPal
  4. Choose a Personal or Business account depending on your choice. Personal accounts are for general transactions like buying items and sending money. Business accounts are for integrating with online shops and related stuff.
  5. Click Continue and you’d be prompted to type in your email address and other details
  6. Type in the email field your correct personal email address and choose a secured password
  7. Hit Continue and put in the address and phone number you have copied earlier in step 2 into the spaces provided
  8. Create your account and login
  9. Add your debit or master card details. Debit cards can be obtained from most international banks in Ghana including Barclays, UBA, etc. MasterCards can be obtained from GCB and some other banks.
  10. Check your email address to verify or activate your account, and enjoy PayPal legally in Ghana.

Read the full article here: How to Easily Create a PayPal Account in Ghana.

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