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Nana asked 5 months ago

Would you advise me to book a hotel room online on Jumia Travel or just go and pay cash at the hotel

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Saviour Sanders Staff answered 5 months ago

Thanks for your question.
From Jumia’s home page, they have this written:

Book now, pay later!
Simply click on Book now. You can choose to pay online or later when you arrive at your hotel. Pack your bags and enjoy your stay!

I think this should guide you in booking. Paying money online has been a security issue, but I think Jumia is a trusted brand which has been in business for some time.
That notwithstanding, I will advice that you book, and pay later when you arrive at the hotel. It is the safest.
Most of these hotels also have their own websites that allows booking. You may want to check them out as well.
Hope this helps.

Mark Tetteh answered 4 months ago

There is also I like them because you can just send an enquiry from their website to any hotel in Ghana and the hotel would immediately call you. It’s a much simpler and shorter process. They also have an online chat system you can use to ask about any hotel 

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